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Welcome (Gracepoint)

Welcome to Ellerslie Road Preschool at Grace Point

 A few things to mention....We are really excited about this year at Pre-School. We have an enthusiastic teaching team that is looking forward to the coming school year. Our teaching staff this year includes Cheryl Andringa, and Janelle Olfert. We will introduce you to our teaching assistants in September.

Parent Orientation

We will be having a “new family” parent orientation on Tuesday September 5th, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. This will be an opportunity for you to learn more about our program (what is "learning through play", our child guidance policy, meet the teachers, see the classrooms etc.) Please note that childcare is not provided; we ask that you make arrangements for your children that evening. Thank you!

Fees and late policy

Our late policy (for pick-up) is $25.00 (if you are 10 - 30 minutes late after class finishes), and an additional $25.00 for every 30 minutes following. Your child will be unable to attend preschool until all late fees are paid.

Ellerslie Road Preschool will now be taking payment for preschool via PayPal recurring payments. In September you will receive an email from our registrar, Matt Hornbrook, with instructions to sign up using your credit card, debit card or Paypal account. Once you have signed up, you will be debited each month, for the next eight months.

Ellerslie Road Preschool is happy to implement this feature as it will allow parents to collect points via their credit or debit cards and cheques will no longer need to be written or collected at the beginning of the year.

NSF Charges will apply.

If you would like to pay your fees for the entire year, we will credit you the transaction fees. The amount will be $1400.00 (3x/week), and $945.00 (2x/ week) paid by cheque prior to September 22, 2017.

How to reach us, and security

Please email us at erps@ellerslieroadpreschool if your child is going to be absent, you are going on vacation etc.

Your child’s safety is of primary concern to us. It is important for your child’s teacher to know who will be picking up your child each day. If alternative arrangements are made (other than yourself or your spouse), please make sure that your child’s teacher is aware. We will have a consent form for you to include all authorized people who will drop off/pick up your child. This will be available at the parent orientation evening, and the first week of classes. The outside church doors (North side) will be unlocked 7 minutes before class begins, and we will lock them 10 minutes after class begins. (ie 8:50 am and 9:10 am; and 12:35 pm and 12:55 pm). The doors will again be unlocked 5 minutes before class finishes. Please use this entrance at all times unless you need to access the building during class, at which time you may enter the building through the front door.

We are privileged to be able to use this facility, and we ask that you not allow your child/ siblings to run in the foyer, or “small group area”. We recognize that young children have lots of energy, but we ask that you let the preschoolers and siblings run outside before/after class. In the past we have had some damages to church property. If this occurs, we will pass the cost on to the parents. Thank you!


Your child should bring a small backpack, with an extra set of clothing and non-scuff running shoes. Please ensure that everything is clearly labelled with your child's name. We are unable to keep the backpack at school, so it will go home with your child each day. Your child should wear washable clothing to school, (we make lots of mess ), that is easy for them to manage if they are in the washroom. If your daughter is wearing a dress, please have her wear leggings or tights.  At preschool we encourage independence, and part of that is learning how to dress. You can assist us in this area by teaching your child how to put on their coat and outside shoes.  As we approach winter, please teach them how to put on their snowpants, jacket, boots, mitts, etc. This will greatly assist us in our outside preparations. Thank you!


Children must be toilet trained in order to attend preschool. We recognize that occasional accidents may occur, and parents might be called to assist in changing their child. Please take your child to the bathroom immediately before each class. We will do a “group” bathroom break mid-way through the class, for those children that need to use the washroom. It takes a lot of time (for children and staff) away from the classroom, when we are constantly in the washroom. Your assistance in this area is greatly appreciated!


We recognize that birthday’s are a special time in a child’s year. Our birthday celebration will include a “birthday crown”, choosing a small toy, and if parent’s choose.....a special snack. As per AHS regulations, we may only provide snacks prepared in a commercial kitchen. Approved birthday snacks would include fruits/vegs in a sealed container from the store, boxed cookies or crackers, packaged fruit snacks, popsicles. We ask that you not provide cupcakes/cake. It usually create a huge mess, and we are unable to use the area until it is cleaned up. Please note that we are a nut free centre. Please check with your child’s teacher as to the best date to celebrate your child’s birthday. Summer birthdays are celebrated in the spring. If your child has food allergies/sensitivities please provide us with a zip-lock bag with some treats just for them, that we can keep throughout the year.


Throughout the year, staff will take photo’s of the children for our Christmas Concert, and for their year end scrapbooks. Staff will delete these photo’s from their camera’s and phones at the end of the school year. For the privacy of all families, we ask that parents not take any pictures during class time, or during outside activities, as other children might be in the photo.

We will have a photographer take individual and class photo’s in the fall, which parent’s may purchase if they choose.

Parent Handbook

Our parent handbook is on our web-site, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.

We want to work closely with you to ensure a positive and enriched preschool experience for your child. Should you have any questions or concerns about the program or your child, please let us know. You can reach us at You may also leave a voice mail at 780466-4689 if you wish to speak with me.                                                                    I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, and to having a wonderful year!

Bonni MacKenzie

Director – Ellerslie Road Preschool Inc.